Veterinary Compliance Assistance

Hazardous Waste

"Hazardous waste" is a term with a specific legal meaning that applies to certain materials that have been generated as wastes from activities carried out at your veterinary facility. 

This section provides information on how to comply with hazardous waste regulations. The first step is to determine if the wastes you generate are hazardous. There is a logical sequence of steps that can be used for this determination.

If you generate hazardous waste, then you must follow specific rules for management and disposal of the waste. You may also have reporting and recordkeeping responsibilities, depending on which state you are located and the quantity of hazardous waste you generate.

Because hazardous waste rules can vary from state to state, a VetCA hazardous waste state locator has also been included in the section.

Finally, there is a discussion about a category of hazardous waste, termed Universal Waste, for which special rules exist to encourage recycling of common hazardous wastes such as fluorescent bulbs and batteries.


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