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Earth Day and hospitals: Growing focus on sustainability2023-04-23

“There’s been a significant uptick in not only interest but in action related to the work,” says Mark Howell, director of policy and patient safety for the American Hospital Association. [ full text ]

Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TDS) Facility Locator Launched by NCMS.2023-03-13

The new tool contains data that were extracted from an EPA database. There are 125 facilities in the database. Additionally, the websites for each of these facilities were located and are now displayed in the search results (allows users to quickly contact a TDS facility). Users can search by state, EPA Region, waste code and facility name. [ full text ]

Looking Ahead with AHA’s 2023 Environmental Scan2023-02-09

The 2023 AHA Environmental Scan released this week provides a snapshot of past and present trends on important issues that form the foundational pillars of the AHA strategic plan. It examines trends, interprets data and offers projections for the future across such areas as workforce, health equity, valued-based care delivery, consumerism and other factors that hospitals and health systems can use as they plot their own path forward. [ full text ]

Empowering Veterinarians to Be Planetary Health Stewards Through Policy and Practice2023-02-09

Veterinarians are established public health professionals, committing to promote public health when they take their veterinary oath. The issue of climate change and its impact on planetary health is vital to public health, and therefore, it is critical that climate change is regarded as within the veterinary scope of practice. [ full text ]

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