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Integrated Pest Management in Health Care Facilities Toolkit 20212021-09-20

This EPA toolkit was prepared to introduce and acquaint readers with effective IPM. It presents recommendations for best management practices for IPM in health care facilities. Throughout the nation, facilities that have adopted IPM report long-term, sustainable pest mitigation that reduces the use of pesticides. [ full text ]

6 Common Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Program Mistakes2021-10-19

There is a lot to consider when it comes to the proper disposal of DEA waste, from evolving regulations to stringent and required procedures. Because of the complexity, it can be easy to inadvertently overlook a few areas. Come audit time, failure to address these compliance issues could result in some hefty fines. Here are six common pharmaceutical waste disposal program mistakes you should avoid to prevent non-compliance. [ full text ]

Complying with waste pharmaceutical rules2021-08-11

As EVS managers become familiar with the required documentation, they may benefit from a closer look at the new regulations overall. Following are answers to some common questions as well as key points to remember. [ full text ]

Management Standards for Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals and Amendment To The P075 Listing For Nicotine, free webinars2021-08-11

Note the following webinars and website information are for your information and are not sponsored by EPA. Webinars are free for healthcare facilities and regulatory agencies and will be performed on a monthly basis over the next couple of years. [ full text ]

IPM in Healthcare Facilities Project, Common Sense Pest & Weed Management Webinar Series- Now on Demand!2021-08-11

Common Sense Pest & Weed Management On Demand 20 Minute Webinar Series Access these free 20-minute 6-segment webinar series on your own time First few webinars are available now online Common Sense Strategies for Preventing & Solving Rodent Problems featuring national expert Dr. Tom Green, IPM Institute of North America Preventing & Solving Weed, Turf and Landscape Issues featuring Kevin Wendernuk, KW Landscaping Strategies for Housekeeping & Maintenance Professionals Working in Healthcare Facilities [ full text ]


This report explores how hospital wastewater contributes to the pharmaceutical load released into the environment and features five case studies illustrating how European hospitals are dealing with pharmaceutical residues in their wastewater. It also looks at resistant bacteria because of their potential link with antibiotic residues in hospital effluents. [ full text ]

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